What is a Vendor Advocate?

A vendor advocate is a professional who works on behalf of a vendor to sell their property.

With so many decisions to make when selling your property, from choosing the right Selling Agent, to preparing the property for sale, to the type of sales method, the inclusions, the price, the terms, arranging the legal documents, analysing the agent’s feedback right down to the closing price.

Right from the start and during the entire campaign your Seller Advocate will guide you through the process, show you the options and give you advice that is only in your best interest and your unique situation.

We do this using our numerous years of Real Estate selling experience and is not biased from one point of view. You can choose to be involved in this education as much, or as little as you choose.

This Vendor Advocate service will give you the knowledge and the information you need to stay in control and make the right decisions with confidence.

No Fees.

Our Advocates help vendors through their property journey from start to finish without charging them a cent. Yes, that is correct it is a Free Service.

Maatouk Property Advocates fees come directly from the real estate agent. It will NOT cost you anymore to have a trusted advocate on your side when making important decisions during your selling process.

100% Free Service for Vendors.

As a seller, you want your campaign to go smoothly.

The market can be unpredictable. You may feel pressure to sell lower than what your property might be worth. This can happen during an auction campaign or when it is a private sale. Maatouk Property Advocates will be by your side and advise and help you get the best outcome!

Did you know that, in Victoria, a Real Estate Agent can charge you anything they want? Selling agent’s commissions and advertising fees are NOT regulated. We will negotiate this for you and make sure you are only paying what’s fair.

Maatouk Property Advocates will help you negotiate a fair fee and sort through what advertising you need to invest in.

We will advocate on your behalf with confidence, tenacity and integrity helping you avoid all the stress and pressure of selling and we aim to always deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

We have 20 years+ of experience, knowledge, and skills to do this.

Smooth Process from Start to Finish.

MPA (Maatouk Property Advocates) are thorough and meticulous in their approach to their clients keeping them updated, informed and calm.

MPA provide peace of mind when dealing with the issues of selling a property.


Vendor Case Study

Vendor in Fairfield sells property for $1.36 million (despite neighbours selling for over $450,000 less)

In 2016, Mary represented a vendor looking to sell their home in Fairfield, Victoria. A neighbour on the same street had only recently sold their brand-new property for $900,000, and her clients were worried that they would have to sell for much less.

Mary took control, injected some of her 20 years’ experience into the sales process, and sold their property for $1.36 million.

Her clients had never dreamed their property would sell for so much.

Property Advocates